Police and Emergency Services Career Transition Support

The Career Management Services (CMS) team have a long and dedicated background of working with individuals in assisting you or your members to successfully transition out of the police force or emergency services into a new and rewarding careers, when your original career path is no longer a viable option for you.  

Perhaps you are being medically retired, redeployed or are needing a change and looking for a rewarding, alternative career opportunity that utilises the experiences and skills that you’ve gained in the emergency services. These roles are typically very rewarding, and you may want to start a career that is meaningful and gives you that sense of achievement from doing something you love. A role is true to purpose – one with exciting career prospects, the work life balance you crave, with a friendly team environment and an enjoyable place to work. Maybe you still want to make a difference and help others. Career Management Services specialise in getting police and first responders back into a rewarding and meaningful career. Our support and experience will get where you want to go faster.


Where do you begin? What do you want to do outside of policing? What are hiring managers looking for in a resume? What are your transferrable skills and experience? How do you describe your unique competencies and skills effectively – on paper or in an interview scenario? If it’s been a while since you’ve searched for a new job, knowing where to start can seem confusing.


Let us make it easier for you. Think of Career Management Services as your professional guide throughout the entire job search process supporting you with everything you need for career success. From knowing what you want to do, where to look and the essentials to apply for a job, to what you should include in your resume and selection criteria. We take the hard work out of finding and securing a job, with all the practical skills and assistance necessary. Our industry professionals will provide you with the coaching and advice to give you the best chance of getting the job, career and lifestyle you want and deserve. At Career Management Services our goal is to ease your stress, simplify the process and help you career transition successfully. Above all, we want your job search experience to be supported and rewarding.


With the support of the “Job Squad” Australia’s leading Police and Emergency Services career transition team. We make the process easy, by supporting you to identify a satisfying future career, securing a role outside of any of the emergency services or the Police Force and providing you with everything you need to be a success. Our career services and programs are individually tailored to suit your specific needs.


If you want to apply for a new job, are looking to make a seamless career transition, or just not sure of what you should do, our team of dedicated career transition consultants and coaches, will support you to achieve the next steps in your career. We’ll help to empower you with the practical know-how, employability edge and confidence with an innovative, holistic approach to career transitioning.


Career Management Services is Australia’s leading personalised career services company. We’re experienced with working with police and other first responders in successfully achieving career goals, dreams and ambitions. With results three times better than industry average nationally, our friendly team are highly experienced professionals with extensive industry knowledge and expertise, passionate about helping their clients achieve their goals.


We recognise the unique skills and competencies of police officers and other emergency services first responders, and offer a wide range of unique and tailored services, specifically designed to support transitioning to an alternative career or work opportunity outside of law enforcement and to suit individual needs:

Career Assessment and Guidance • Career Coaching • Career Planning and Mapping • CV/Resume Writing and Assistance • Cover Letters • Selection Criteria Writing and Assistance • Applications and Statements • Interview Coaching and Preparation • Personal Branding • Job Search Support • Psychometric Testing Preparation • Individually Tailored Career Package.

Contact the team at team at Career Management Services now, we will be happy to discuss your situation and let you know how we can help.

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