Our Career Management Services team work with a range of organisations, with a specific focus on supporting individuals with return to suitable employment. We have a strong demonstrated track record working with OHS, Human Resources, Health Recovery Managers, Return to Work (RTW) Specialists and various insurance companies to get impacted employees who are not able to return to their pre-injury positions to career transition successfully into other fulfilling roles.

We support individuals to return to the best life they can have, with work playing an important role in recovery. We believe in the role ‘good work’ can play in a person’s life. Good work provides a person not only a sense of purpose and well being, but aids a faster and more sustainable recovery from illness or injury.

Our expertise in providing specific vocational and career support to getting individuals off benefits, returning to work and back into well-paying positions, in sustainable rewarding roles means better results for you and your affected employees.

Career Management Services are not a rehabilitation services or job placement provider, but help affected employees go through career transitions and get back to work through utilising their transferable skills, high touch support and by applying proven career methodologies. Whether an individual might be returning to work after injury, post-traumatic stress disorder or transitioning off Workcover or workers’ compensation. Whatever the reason – we assist them to approach the job market with confidence, and with the most effective support to achieve financial independence through services customised to their personal circumstance and situation.

Career Management Services have a proven history in obtaining above average results in reducing time on Workcover and achieving better Return to Work (RTW) outcomes. Our action oriented services have been able to support clients to get back to meaningful lives, sustainable work and off weekly entitlements, often enabling individuals to earn higher than pre-injury incomes. Our track record of success in Return To Work Services has been based on providing individuals with an employability edge and career confidence. We pride ourselves on a tried and tested approach which addresses overcoming motivational issues and creating mindset shifts to be forward focused to individuals’ careers (rather than being injury oriented), meeting longer term career objectives, for individuals to be self-supporting and thus achieving successful career outcomes.

For more information or to speak to one of our consultants today, call 1300588088 or email referrals@careermanagementservices.com.au.

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