Career Management Services can provide you with an objective method of assessing candidates and determining the suitability of an applicant for a position, more efficiently, at less cost with better results. Using online psychometric testing and pre-employment screening assessments to objectively and accurately predict candidate performance can be a powerful tool in talent identification and your recruitment selection process. We will enable you to gain a deeper insight into a candidate’s skills and abilities, greater accuracy with candidate performance and culture fit, and reduce your recruitment costs by making better hiring decisions.

From pre-employment screening to employee development, Career Management Services offers personality test, cognitive ability test and skills test solutions to provide you with accurate predictions of job performance, faster, more efficiently and at less cost—with a more engaging candidate experience.

Career Management Services offers many off-the-shelf online recruitment solutions using our assessment test platform already pre-configured for specific industries or hiring applications. We can also support your recruitment with interactive solutions such as video interviewing technology and full immersion testing job simulations. Whether you need assistance with the talent screening, assessment or selection process – we can offer a solution to fit your budget.

  • Screening and Assessment Results Faster – Our short pre-employment screening test narrows down the field fast, and full-blown assessments, rank candidates to speed your selection process – saving you time and money
  • Role-Specific Assessments – Focus only on the important attributes for the roles you need to fill—and we continuously update them to stay on the cutting edge of current job requirements.
  • Speedy results – All test results are delivered within 24 hours, and most are delivered instantaneously.
  • Unsurpassed Accuracy – Continuously validated competency sets ensure maximum accuracy for predicting performance and cultural fit for a given role.
  • Application Tracking System (ATS) Integration – results can be easily integrated, managed and tracked through your Talent Management System (TMS).

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