This form is designed to assist in diagnosing any issues with getting an individual into a new role. By answering each of the questions in order you should find the issue. Once you have identified the issue then you work on that and move forward. Each time during when you feel as if you are stuck and your client is not progressing check again and re diagnose.
CMS Securing New Employment Diagnostic Tool
3. Does your client want or need a job? *
4. Are they Medically fit to get a job? Will be soon? Or is this a strategic reason to get them focused on what job they will do next?
5. Did we/ they identify a suitable role, are they clear and do they know what they want to do next. It must be a clear role. If they just want a job anything would do or it could be two or three different jobs the answer is no. *
6. Is the job a suitable fit for the candidate skills set. Are we targeting the right role? Take into account the location?
7. Do they have a Resume and Cover Letter targeted for this role?
8. Do you think they will make the top 5 candidates based on the resume?
9. Are they finding Suitable Roles to apply for
10. Do we know if they are actually applying for these roles?
11. Are they getting phone calls from the client, or request for interview from Government Applications?
12. Are they getting interviews?
13. Are they successfully securing the role after interview?

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